The Original Decal Trophy

What's a didit?

A didit is a unique way to tell everyone what you did and where you did it. It allows you to be perfectly subtle about showing off. It’s your portable honors list, your mobile track record. And the really innovative thing about a didit is that it exists in the real world. It’s not an app, it’s very much offline and not in the cloud. It’s simply stuck on your favorite gear (bicycle, ice-axe,…) where it will remain forever. Yes, there is a 99 years warranty. 

Technically speaking, a didit is a dry transfer. It’s not printed; there is no paper or vinyl involved. A picture screen-printed on glue and then sealed with a transparent coating. Once it’s transferred to your metal gear (smooth surface required), you can never ever take it off and you can never stick it on anything else. 

So, in case you want to pretend to have done something amazing that you haven’t actually done, you’ll have to live with that lie for the rest of your life.

Didits are shipped worldwide in a simple and effective designed packaging. The decal is carefully protected, without using plastic. For the customized didits, the verso side can be re-designed (there probably would be less languages for instructions). 




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