The Original Decal Trophy

The story

Didits are born out of passion for small moments of greatness. Out of pride and admiration, a tiny ode to our own capacity to conquer. 

Today we have developed over 175 different didits that celebrate worthwhile places all over the world. We obviously like to keep things nice and sustainable. The packaging is pure cardboard, nothing added. And the other thing is, once your gear starts to have your little collection of didits, you tend to use it much longer. Replace your good old steel bike with a new ’virgin’ model? Think twice. 

We can not offer a didit for every summit or every destination. But we would love to hear your ideas on which places we should include. We will happily custom design some extra didits on demand. 


  • All altitudes are mentioned in meters, as it is the most widely used measure.
  • When peaks are located in more than one country, we choose the more commonly designated one. With our sincere apologies to the offended governments.
  • When different ‘official’ altitudes exist, we go for the most commonly used ‘official’ one.




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