The Original Decal Trophy

How fixing it?

Take care: didits can only be transferred on a smooth surface. 
Only on very Tefal-like surfaces, it won't stick.
Make sure the surface on which you want to stick 
your didit is clean and free of dust or grease. 
Degrease carefully, especially if you want to stick the didit on your bicycle rim. 
First peel the white backing paper off (picture 1).

Carefully position your didit onto the surface, without pressing on it. 
If well-positioned, rub gently with your finger
then firmly with your nail on the plastic front sheet (picture 2).


Peel back the transparent front sheet carefully (picture 3). 
Double check that the didit remains onto the surface. 
You can rub with your finger or another smooth object.

Note: the dry transfer can be removed with acetone. 




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